Helping Upgrade Humanity One Person At A Time....

hal·cy·on - adjective: calm; peaceful; tranquil; rich; wealthy; prosperous; happy; joyful;

Our mission is to help humanity by creating high quality products focused on health, wellness and personal development. Our ideology is guided  by using critical thought, removal of dogma and judgement to a place of high truth. Through an unquenchable thirst for knowledge we are guided to deeper understanding of self and others.

We are grateful for the opportunity to shine light where there may be darkness. Namaste.

Core Values Of Halcyon Publishing

How we do what we do...


We put values and morality over dollars. We earn trust by proving ourselves.


We are driven by a deep passion for discovering those things that allow us to grow.

Critical Thinking

We cut through the noise by asking tough questions and testing so we may distill highest truth.

Larry & Oksana Ostrovsky

Halcyon Publishing is run by Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky are visionaries who walk their talk. They work tirelessly to bring value to their readers, customers and clients. They are life upgrade coaches and have helped many people transform their lives.

When they aren't working hard they are playing hard. They are foodies, avid travelers and explorers who often venture off the beaten path.

Our Product Line


Leaders in delivering the highest quality and most innovative CBD.


Wellness magazine that delivers the most cutting information edge in health.